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Established in 1999, Evergreen Dictate is the highly efficient and accurate transcription service provided by Evergreen Business Support Ltd.


Outsourcing your dictation to a third party is not something to be undertaken lightly. Putting trust in an organisation you can’t see might well be a bit scary. You will be dictating confidential information about YOUR clients. It’s a big step, but choose the best outsourcing partner, and you won’t regret it. With Evergreen Dictate, you are dealing with experts who have been in the outsourcing business for more than twenty years. All our staff are fully qualified professional typists who are permanently employed by Evergreen. Our staff are longstanding, Evergreen is a great place to work – our job retention rate is unusually high. We provide the best outsourced transcription service you can buy. We are not necessarily the cheapest service – but in our business (and in yours?), cheap does not interpret as ‘best’, or even ‘good’. We provide excellent value for your money by providing a superb service undertaken by staff members who care. We maintain YOUR company standards for you, so choosing the right outsourcing partner, at the right price, is a decision that will stand you in good stead and keep you ahead of your own game. Our service is excellent. It is value for money. We keep YOUR promises.

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Create dictations on the go and securely upload them for transcribing. All documents are transcribed by fully qualified Evergreen typists. No documents are outsourced elsewhere. All typists are fully employed by Evergreen

Perfectly typed documents, returned to you on time, every time. Use our secure dictation app on the move or from your base, choose your turnaround time. Leave the rest to us.


Our Services


Patient recommendation letters, letters to and from instructing clinicians and experts, medico-legal expert witness reports, medical chronologies … our expert typists’ good practice helps your good practice.


Letters of Claim, Letters of Response, client correspondence, file notes … anything you need to keep your office or practice moving efficiently...


Client reports, client recommendation letters, file notes. We help you to service your clients by ensuring your correspondence and client notes are produced in a timely fashion and
accurately reflect your recommendations.


We are experts at multiple voice transcription. We understand the need for accuracy and definition of voices. Verbatim transcripts of court recordings.

dictation typist


Industry account managers, mobile executives – capture your client notes immediately the virtual or face to face meeting ends.


We can provide suggested templates or work to your own templates. Every industry catered for, including medical and dental.


Writers and authors find our transcription services invaluable – we turn brief notes into perfectly formatted text.


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We are fully operational during this unprecedented and difficult time and our service standards remain unaffected.  Our typists are fully operational as always – working at home is nothing new to us – our business enjoys superb connectivity within our team and with our clients. If you are struggling to adapt to working at home…

The past is a foreign country

THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: THEY DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY THERE so begins L P Hartley’s The Go-Between   Has there ever been a time that better fitted those words? Things are so very different now to this time last year. And yes, looking back, we definitely did things differently there …It’s almost the end of…