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Big company standards with small company benefits

Gill Price established Evergreen Business Support in 1999 to provide a professional, reliable and accurate on-demand typing service.

Having worked for many years in blue chip organisations, Gill has adopted the high standards and expectations demanded by such large organisations, in the services offered by Evergreen.

It is this mix of 'big-company thinking' combined with the flexibility and familiarity of a privately owned business, which makes Evergreen stand out from the crowd.

Such an approach offers several benefits to clients:

  • Fast, accurate, professional typing services designed around your needs
  • Appreciation and respect for deadlines - Evergreen works to your deadlines, not theirs
  • Understanding that keeping costs down is vital, especially for small companies
  • Responsibility and ownership - jobs are not passed down the line for 'someone else to do', Evergreen recognises that each client's work is equally important

Loyal and trusted team

Gill has worked with many members of her team for a number of years. In fact, some members of the Evergreen team have worked with Gill for around 30 years, during which time Gill herself was employed by three different companies.

For the benefit of clients, all Evergreen's staff are fully employed. This means that, unlike some similar companies who rely on temporary or agency staff, Evergreen can offer its clients genuine consistency of service.

A word from Gill

"Having worked in big name financial institutions for many, many years I've learned so much. Having managed huge teams, some quite diversely scattered throughout the UK, and some closer to home under one roof, I've learned what makes people tick as employees and also what customers want in the way of service."

"Every time we take on a new customer we make sure we understand what the customer is hoping to achieve from our relationship, and I go out of my way to make sure they are not disappointed. I often draw upon my own experience learned at those blue chip companies to offer a solution which will help."

What the team has to say

As teamwork is key at Evergreen, Gill has asked some of her staff members to give you their thoughts on working as part of the Evergreen team.

...I have worked for Evergreen since its inception and for Gill for the 30 years mentioned.  The work I have done has been so diverse I have increased my own areas of expertise and now know that by doing the appropriate research and keeping a keen eye for detail there is nothing I could not tackle efficiently and effectively.  Every new day is a new challenge.

Janet, team member

I have worked for Evergreen Business Support for many years and I have never worked anywhere before that gives me such opportunity to build on my existing skills as well as develop new ones. To work for Evergreen you have to be flexible, organised and have the ability to adapt to the changing market place, luckily this is made much easier by great teamwork.

Lynne, team member

I am proud to work at Evergreen, we have a strong team who all have high standards and we pull together as a group to provide all our customers with an efficient and accurate service. Our customers are very grateful of our qualities and therefore I get a great deal of job satisfaction.

Virginia, team member

Working with the Evergreen team is great!  Not only can the work be interesting, the whole team are always friendly and helpful and with Gill's positive attitude, commitment and understanding of her clients' needs this definitely rubs off on the team.  The wealth of experience in the team does, I believe, contribute to a very high standard of service for Evergreen clients.

Jo, team member

Why not discover the benefits of working with the Evergreen team for yourself? Call now on 0113 2597406 or complete our online contact form to discover how your company could benefit from Evergreen's professional, fast and accurate typing services.

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