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Who Is It For?

Outsource your typing

Our typing service is perfect for all kinds of companies - both large and small. In fact, any company or individual that requires accurate, professionally typed documents can benefit from our service at Evergreen.

We tend to work with clients in three main ways:

  • Ongoing - many large blue chip organisations outsource large amounts of typing to us on a regular basis. It provides them with an extra resource that works when they need it to work - day or night. It also helps them to avoid the practical problems associated with sick leave, holiday leave or even maternity leave.
  • Virtual typist - we often act as a virtual typist for clients. It is a service that comes in useful for many business people like sole traders, business entrepreneurs, medical and financial consultants. Many of these individuals work alone and our effective typing services allow them to present a professional image to their clients.
  • Ad hoc - some companies only require our typing services every now and again. This could be when a member of the secretarial team leaves, is off sick or on holiday. Our typing services also come in useful for companies that have peaks and troughs in their workload, as we are at the end of the phone they just call us when they need us.

Building relationships

We look to establish a working rapport with our clients and develop a good working relationship with them.

As our client, this offers you a number of advantages:

  • We become familiar with your company and industry - we quickly come to recognise names, departments and industry relevant terminology.
  • We become familiar with you - it's not always easy to arrange your thoughts in a logical manner while dictating. We are skilled at recognising what our clients intended to say, even if the dictation isn't always clear.

In other words, we are more than just a temping organisation. Rather than a different person typing your letters each time, with Evergreen you get the same team of experts who quickly become an extension of your own team.

If you would like to know more about how we could work with your company to solve your typing issues, please call now on 0113 2597406 or complete our online contact form.

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