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Why use our typing services?

We make you the centre of attention

There are many reasons why companies and individuals engage our professional and accurate typing services, instead of employing their own permanent typing staff. For instance we:

  • Remove the worries and hassle of covering for staff on breaks, holidays, sick leave, maternity leave
  • Remove the time-consuming hassle of replacing staff who leave for whatever reason
  • Help reduce overheads - as there is no need to 'house' your typing staff
  • Help reduce IT costs - as there is no need to upgrade or maintain PCs for typing staff
  • Are cost effective - as you only pay for the time that we are typing your documents, not chatting by the coffee machine
  • Don't put you in a queue - as you tell us when you need the document back and we stick to your deadline
  • Reduce downtime - you dictate and we transcribe, returning generally your documents by email
  • Offer convenience - you dictate at any time from anywhere, using your phone as a Dictaphone to rewind, check and change information as necessary
  • Work in real time - as we don't have to wait for tapes to arrive in the post, there is no delay in our service
  • Are fast, accurate and professional - we offer a quality transcribing service by qualified, UK-based transcriptionists
  • Leave you free to concentrate on your work - while we get on with our area of expertise: fast accurate typing services

Why not see for yourself how our professional typing service could help you and your company, by calling now on 0113 2597406 or alternatively, complete our online contact form.

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