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Transcribing conferences and speaker presentations can be a time consuming job.  That’s why many of our clients take advantage of our fast and efficient conference, presentation and interview transcription service.

We offer verbatim transcription of conferences and speaker presentations for events where the presenters and participants are in one location and for telephone conference events.

For your convenience and with prior arrangement, you can record the entire speaker presentations and participant comments directly onto our system via a telephone link.  Alternatively, we can transcribe from your own recording of the conference or speaker presentation.  We can accept recordings as Mp3 files, as .wav files, or by audio tape (See how to send your files).

It is also possible to record one to one interviews/panel interviews in the same way and we will provide you with a verbatim transcript of the complete recording.

For more information about our conference transcription service, or to request a quote, call now on 0113 2597406 or complete our online contact form.

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