Many websites offering various services include testaments and potted histories of how ABC company has helped XYZ company carve out a competitive edge.

We have been providing a brilliant service for our customers for more than twenty one years.  Indeed, many of our initial customers still dictate to us today – what greater compliment than that?

At Evergreen, we place enormous emphasis on confidentiality, and that, to us, includes the fact of our customer base – the very detail that customers are using us at all.  The nature of all of our work is private – it is between us and the customer.  We have, over the years, received many recommendations from existing clients, and those recommenders have obviously revealed to a third party that they trust us with their work.  We have received hundreds of accolades over the years and I have saved every one – they are very important to us and, call me sentimental, but they are very precious to receive.

We will not publish the names of our clients on our website, and we would not ask our clients for permission to do so. 

I am more than happy to put any potential new client in touch with an existing user or two – surely a more appropriate and personal recommendation?

We are extremely proud of keeping so many customers so very happy for a huge amount of years.  We’ll carry on as we are doing, and your secrets are safe with us!

Gill Price
Evergreen Dictate
Evergreen Business Support