Our clients are enjoying our Evergreen Dictate app so much! 

We have been in the outsourced transcription business for more than 21 years.  We accept all formats of recordings which arrive with us by many means (you can even upload to our website), and we also run a highly efficient telephone dictation system (any telephone handset becomes a voice recorder and deposits dictation immediately onto our system).

However, in 2018 we launched our Evergreen Dictate app – it’s free to download from the App Store or from Google Play, and goodness me, does this app make dictation easy for our customers.  It is intuitive and clean, allows manipulation of the audio whilst dictating, so you can move backwards, forwards, insert and so on – and then, once you are ready, you upload the audio directly to us.  You can choose the service standard (24 hours, 4 hours and 1 hour), and you can also annotate your dictation with visible information for us – for example, client name, client case reference, etc. 

Our customers are wide ranging and are from many industries. We have many IFA firms on our books – and they are finding the App dictation very useful indeed.  Immediately they are out of a client meeting, whether this meeting is in person or online, they can dictate the minutes of the meeting, and the minutes will be transcribed by one of our experts and the document returned via e-mail.  If our one hour service standard is chosen, the document is back in their e-mail box by the time they’ve cleared away their file and had a quick cuppa – it’s that simple. 

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